Wednesday, September 17, 2008

September 17th, 2008

Sleeping is going better.  I think Kinnick had a stomach ache.  Both of my kiddos have terrible constipation all of the time.  Today and tonight has gone much better.  Kinnick is in her bed playing as she normally does before falling asleep.

Our big news!!  I got approval for Carver's first Cochlear Implant.  I will meet with the audiologist, speech pathologist, and ENT September 30th to go over everything before scheduling surgery.

We met with the dietitian today to discuss K&C's calorie intake.  We are increasing both by @ 140 calories per day.  Hopefully this will get the weight moving.  We had already increased Carver's by @ 200 calories per day and it didn't make a difference.  I guess with all of his new rolling, he's burning more calories.

I also met with PT today, they are really not wanting to get Carver a stander to help put weight on his legs.  She said she'll do it if I insist, but she really doesn't think he needs one.  Well, I insisted, so she's putting it on the list for this year.  We're going to try some sort of treadmill walking at the Rainbows center.  She thinks this is all he'll need to start standing/walking.  Kinnick is going to participate, too.  She stands, but it might help get her walking.  She says it's still a little early for this, but I really feel like they need it.  They'll be 18 months old this month and Carver just isn't making much progress with trunk/head support and is making no effort to stand.  We'll try this activity for 3 months.  If it doesn't work, we'll try something else, then the stander.  She still seems confident that Carver will walk.  Obviously, I hope she's right, but I'm not seeing it.  He's just so stiff in his legs.  I've also scheduled an appt with one of the best developmental specialists in the state of Kansas.  So, I'm hoping to get some good feedback from her.  The appt isn't until February.  This was the quickest I could get in.  She's just really booked.  If we were over 3 yrs old, we would have a 13 month wait to see her.


Anonymous said...

congrats on the cochlear implant. that is great news. funny about the developmental specialist. we are going to one in a few weeks...and it took months to get in to see her as well. they must be in high demand...who would have thought?!
hope things are going well.
love ya,

Staci Hageman said...

Hey Shanon,
I am so excited about the implants for Carver!!!! You have waited long enough!
I'm curious how the treadmill will go for you. I wish I could see how they do that.
Staci H.

Anonymous said...

the ci should help...and as far as the developmental are a few tricks of the have your Feb apt. Now ask for all the paperwork to be sent your way to have it all to them ahead of your you have time to fill it all out...then send it back with some pictures...your kiddos are just too cute...makes it more personal that way ;-) so now here comes Dec...send them some cookies or fudge...and remind them, you would be happy to come there way if they get a cancellation before Feb....then go if you can...

For my and my kiddos, photos, food then small candles, or holiday fun to the office staff...really helps get through the door. Valentine know the little kids ones, they are fun for the office staff to receive...just small tokens that remind the staff your child is real, alive, and waiting ...( not that other kiddos aren't waiting too...) But, it might help them when a family no shows to remmember you are more than willing to get there...

your site is lovely...your children are beautiful! Best of luck in the upcoming months...
cyber hugs!
Denice Solgat