Saturday, September 27, 2008

September 27th, 2008

Well, it's that time of year again.  Birthdays.  Hayden turned 3 last weekend.  Kirsten turned 19 this weekend, and Harrison will turn 11 on Thursday.   We're planning a party tomorrow.  It hasn't been a very smooth ordeal.  I didn't have nursing last weekend.  I only had nursing 1 day the prior weekend, and I don't have nursing again this weekend.  This makes getting out with Bob to get things done virtually impossible.  We still don't take Kinnick and Carver in public places due to their lungs.  I've managed to pull just about everything together.  Kirsten picked the cake up for me today and .... the cake is messed up.  They asked if I could bring it back to have it fixed.  HA!  I was lucky to have a few minutes of Kirsten's time to pick the cake up before she went to work.  So, unless I want to pack both kids and the 3 year old up to take a cake (that requires 2 hands to hold) back to get it fixed, I'm stuck with a birthday cake for "KRISTEN" instead of Kirsten and a Jets helmet in the wrong colors.  I'll post a picture of the cake after the party.  I'm just really frustrated.  

Speaking of nurses, my Monday/Tuesday nurse turned in her notice.  She'll be moving out of state November 11th.  So, if you know any good nurses that want to work in a home with 2 babies, send them my way.  I have part time or full time available.  I prefer that they work at least 2 days and preferably 2 days in a row.

Ok, I'm done with that.  

Kinnick and Carver both got colds about a week ago.  I'm not sure where the colds came from.  Nobody else in the house has a cold.  Carver's nose is so stuffy that he won't breath his O2, so I'm having a terrible time keeping him oxygenated.  The doctor won't give him anything except a nasal spray due to his other meds and age.  They're helping a bit, but I haven't had sleep for the last week.  Kinnick's cold isn't bad at all.  She's just up a bit on her O2.  Neither of them want to eat.  I'm not sure what has caused the setback in eating.  It could be the cold or just new nurses that aren't familiar with their feeding and cause the feeds to take too long.  They don't like to eat and certainly don't like sitting in the chair being forced to eat for lengths greater then 30 min.   The lack of sleep doesn't help frustration levels.

I've been trying to decide on Carver's cochlear implant.  We were given a couple to pick from.  I've joined a CI support group and have been asking lots of questions and getting great feedback.  I have a few more questions for the ENT/surgeon before making the final decision.  We'll see the ENT/surgeon on Tuesday.

That's about it for right now.  Kinnick is mad, so better run.


Amy said...


Next time please call us! We are just around the corner and would love to help anytime we can.


Sarah said...

First of all, I'm a dope as I just recognized the significant of Kinnick and Carver - with Emery having been born at the University of Iowa and the NICU being directly across from Kinnick Stadium. If there is every anything you need from there, please let me know lol! I'm there once a month.

Just checking in to see how the oxygen and stuffy nose are going?

Anonymous said...

How did the party go? Hope you were able to get it all together! Are the kids all healthy and well now? Charlie seems to get sick every weekend after a week of going to the babysitter (he only goes 4 hrs a day but it's enough to get exposed!!!) I sure hope you can come to the reunion. I guess 270 people already responded that they are coming. I suggested we have lots of purell handy but I know it's goign to be during RSV season. Maybe we'll have to make it a summer deal if we have another one. If you can, come!! I'd love to see you!