Thursday, February 12, 2009

February 12, 2009

We met with a developmental specialist last week.  She really didn't have anything new to add.  She agreed with Carver's Spastic Quadriparesis CP diagnosis, and felt like we had everyone
on board that needed to be on board with the exception of an Orthopedic doctor.  I guess when you have CP, it is important to have your bones monitored to make sure they develop correctly.  Right now, she felt like Carver's hips, legs, and back were doing ok, but said they need to be closely monitored.  So, one more Doctor to add to the growing list.   He has a lot of tightness in his lower back, legs, right arm, and neck.  She recommended OT and PT once a month.  We were already getting PT once a week and OT Once a month.  So, we'll be adding more OT.  She was pretty pleased with Kinnicks progress, but recommended OT and PT once a week for her tactile defensiveness.  The tactile defensiveness interferes with her feeds and crawling.  So, overall, no new findings.  She doesn't need to see them again for a year, and she is writing a recommendation for Carver to go to the CP clinic.  I haven't decided at what point we want to start the CP clinic.  The only person/doctor at the clinic that we don't already see is the Orthopedic Doctor.  I may just book a 1:1 with this doctor and wait another year before going.

We had a really good day at Treadmill training yesterday.  Carver helped a little more with his walking and Kinnick is breezing through her training.   Our OT came to the training and worked with both children after they got off the treadmill.  I really felt like things went well.  Carver got a really good workout and seemed to have a lot of fun.

Kinnick is sick again.  She had a 102 temp last night and her lungs are really junky today.  We started an antibiotic again tonight.  Hopefully things will start looking better tomorrow.

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AJ's Mom said...

My son has CP and hearing loss..feel free to check out our blog and ask any questions. Sometimes, his CP diagnosis has been harder to handle-due to the world of "unknowns"
AJ's Mom