Friday, February 6, 2009

February 6th, 2009 - Kinnick's new Gait Trainer

Kinnick's new Gait Trainer arrived today!

Kinnick was so excited about her new toy.  She couldn't wait for us to put it together.

Ok, so on this picture, you're going to have to look past the messy hair, milk mess on the shirt and the leaky Mic-Key.  We finished putting the walker together and stood Kinnick up to the walker.  She grabbed the handles and took off.  She walked all over the house.  It was like she had been doing it forever.  We were amazed that she would even touch the handles.  She has such terrible tactile issues.  It's the craziest thing.  I don't think she'll need the gait trainer long, at all.  The nice thing about Kinnick's gait trainer is that it came with a harness system that can be added.  Carver can use the gait trainer with the harness.  We aren't going to put Carver in it until we finish treadmill training.  I want the PT to set it all up.

We didn't have quite enough money for the Stander we wanted for Carver.  However, the funding committee met and agreed to let us use Kinnick's leftover money to pay the rest of Carver's bill for his Stander.  The Stander should be getting ordered any day.  He's still a little too short for the Stander we picked.  He's only 30 inches tall now and the minimum height for the Stander is 32 inches.  This is something that will be used for quite a while, so we wanted a nice comfortable one.  We're hoping we can find a way to make it work.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That is amazing how Kinnick took off! She is adorable and looks like such a big girl! We don't care about milk messes :-) And I'm very impressed with all the therapy and treadmill things- it is awesome to see what there is to help them progress. You all are doing a great job! So glad to see the pictures and updates!

Anonymous said...

totaly awesome! Way to go kinnick! Your twins look great! what miracles!

The Buckley Family said...

Hello! I just started reading your blog thru someone else's and I have to say, your NICU course and so many experiences are so similar to ours and with our kids being only a few months apart and using some of the same therapies, it has been reassuring reading your blog! Annabel will be getting her gait trainer next week from our Early On PT and I can't wait! Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself and say congratulations - the twins are certainly miracles!


Garry & Anita said...

Hi, Marci told us how Kinnick took off on her new walker and we couldn't wait to look at the pictures on your blog. She just an amazing little girl, and she's so darn cute. Can't wait to see Carver take off on his walker some day too! Garry & Anita

Anonymous said...

HOw did the appt with the developmental dr go? Just wondering.