Wednesday, February 25, 2009

February 25th, 2009

It's been a busy week.  Monday we met with Speech Therapy and one of our Audiologists.  We really feel like Carver is responding to sound.  We have several sounds that we are working on right now.

Shhh, Shhh, Shhh - Sound with a rattle shaking
Ssssoft - Sound while stroking a soft toy
Mmmm - Sound after taking a bite of food
Ahhhh - Sound while touching spoon to bottom lip before taking a bite of food
Rrroll - Sound while rolling a ball
Pat, Pat, Pat - Sound while hitting a drum

We feel like Carver has a pretty good map on his CI.  They are getting good feedback on all of the mapped electrodes.  Carver appears to be responding to the above 5 sounds.  We'll continue to watch for response to these sounds.  We'll see the Speech Therapist and Audiologist again tomorrow.

Tuesday, we met with our Vision Therapist.  Kinnick continues to respond very well to light.  However, we have noticed lately that her left eye has quit growing.  I'm not sure what this means, but I know it's not a good sign.  She's also acting like she's having a lot of pain in this eye.  We see the eye specialist in MI next month.  We're also working on getting an appointment with a new low vision specialist within the next couple of weeks.  Carver is still a hit/miss with the lights.  Some days are really good and others, he just doesn't act interested.  I do think he can see things, it's just not clear how much he sees and from what part of the eye.  I don't think he sees straight forward.  I think he sees from the side of his eye.  I'm hoping the low vision specialist will be able to shed some light on this.

Today, we had treadmill training and OT.  Kinnick is still doing really good on the treadmill.  She's even walking sideways and backwards on the treadmill - the show-off.  Carver is doing about the same.  He just really lacks the trunk control to coordinate walking.  He spent quite a bit of time with his OT working on things to improve trunk control.

Today was also K&C's last Synagis (shot to avoid RSV) of the season.  Thank God!  I feel so bad having to put them through all of the shots.  They always get a weight check prior to the shots.  Kinnick now weighs 18 lbs 4 oz!!  Yippie!  Carver weighs 20 lbs 1.5 oz!!  Both of them gained weight.

Kinnick got a new dress.  Today was such a nice day, so she got to wear her new dress for fun.

Kinnick standing at her exersaucer.  She has no problem standing while holding things, but it makes her really nervous.  Touching things isn't her favorite thing to do.

Kinnick - always a lady.  

Just so cute!

And... these are Kinnick's funny little pony tails.  They just crack me up!

I guess it was Kinnick's day for pictures.  We'll try to get some of Carver tomorrow.  He was exhausted after treadmill training and OT today.


Jenny said...

This is Bill's sister Jenny. He gave me your blog address awhile ago. I love looking at the pictures you post. What cuties!!! I just had to comment on Kinnick's ponytails! Too cute! It looks like they are both doing really well!
Jenny Logan

Jenny said...

This is Bill's sister Jenny. He gave me your blog address awhile ago & I love looking at the pictures of the kids. I just had to comment today on Kinnick's ponytails. Too cute!!! It looks like they are both doing very well!
Jenny Logan

Anonymous said...

Really cute pictures of Kinnick.
I hope all goes well with her eyes. Tristan's TEIS therapist said that she thinks Tristan has a wondering eye.....he was seen by his eye doctor in Nov. and was told everything looked great and we wouldn't have to go back until he was 4, but at his 2 year check up I'll ask his doctor to take a look.
Oh and your daughter, I don't know if you have posted anywhere but I was wondering if she came home on Oxygen and why she still wears it?