Saturday, February 28, 2009

February 28th, 2009

Carver's day for pictures.

This is my favorite thing to do in the highchair.  I only get to do it until my food is ready.  Bang, Bang, BANG!

No Mom, I'm not the one throwing toys off my tray....

I'm getting to be such a big boy in my Rifton chair.  It helps me sit good and sitting is good for me.

Why am I so happy?  Did you notice the cannula?  Mom says that I've been satting so good that I get to have my cannula off for a couple of hours while I play.  This makes me really happy!  I do not like my cannula.

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Jodi said...

Look at that smile!! Love these pictures! And I adored Kinnick's little pigtails in the last post. You are doing such an amazing job with them and they are so lucky to have you for a mother.