Saturday, April 3, 2010

April 3rd, 2010

Carver's seroma is finally draining. The tube in his ears is making a huge difference. There's still a bunch of junk draining from his right ear. This is the ear with the seroma. Now that the seroma is draining, the skin is really thinning. When it thins, it gets all crusty like it's healing from an injury. It looks pretty disgusting. In some places, you can push in on the seroma and feel air under the skin. The skin is trying to shrink back down, but it is stretched out and resting above the implant like an air pocket. As it continues to heal, the skin will continue to flake off. It's possible that infection can be introduced if the skin breaks open, so Carver is on 10 days of antibiotics and is not able to wear his CI on this ear until it heals completely. We're told that it could take up to 6 weeks to heal. Sigh.... I will be so happy when we can have both ears on ALL of the time. This ear has been a real pain.

Kinnick is finally able to open both eyes without them watering up. Her eyes have been so sensitive to light since her Glaucoma surgery. It took an entire month to get back to where she was prior to surgery.

The school system therapists have started seeing K&C in the home. We have 1-3 therapist in the home every day. They only have 6 weeks to get to know K&C and to make progress before the school year ends and we have summer break. It doesn't feel like enough time to get a plan in place, but everyone is doing their best to get the ball rolling. Hopefully, we'll get lots of good material to use over the summer.

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Sherri said...

You know I completely understand it doesn't give you much time before school is out. But def push them to either give you extended school therapy OR make sure they are going to give you plenty of stuff to do with them over that long break. We have never done summer school for Gannon, but I do ask Marci for stuff to do because I am not going to sit around and wait for August to come. Gannon always regresses over summer break. It usually takes him 8-10 weeks to catch back up. but I am praying this summer will be different. We are going to change things up...maybe we can get together and share ideas and such.

Talk to you soon!