Thursday, April 8, 2010

April 8th, 2010

Carver's surgery was moved to next Wednesday. The doctor wants him on a strong antibiotic for a full week before surgery. He looked at the site and felt like it wasn't infected and said that surgery could wait until next week. He also wants to give the site a chance to heal a bit before surgery. He is now thinking that maybe this wasn't/isn't a "seroma". Instead, he is thinking that it is just a bunch of built up fluid in the mastoid. I guess we'll know the full answer when he is able to go inside and look around. Until then, it's going to be fun keeping the site clean with no extra damage.

Kinnick had an EUA today to check the pressure in her eyes. The pressure was 37 in both eyes prior to her surgery in February. The pressures measured 23-25 today, so the surgery took care of the pressure for now.

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