Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Surgery Day - Repair Right CI Site

Dr. Kryzer opened Carver's Right CI Site today. It appears that all of our issues are related to a little stitch that was put in to secure the Implant. Carver is allergic to Latex and Adhesive. When he had his last eye surgery, we had problems with the eye healing due to irritation from a dissoluble stitch. Now, we found irritation due to a stitch that was used to secure the CI. Dr. Kryzer removed the stitch, cleaned the wound, removed the granulation tissue and closed the wound. He sent tissue samples to pathology and sent tissue samples and fluid samples to be cultured. He wants to make sure there is no infection. We should have results by the end of the week. I really hope this is what was causing the problem and that we can put all of this behind us and start working with both ears.

Carver is already back to his happy little self. He gets to take the bandage off tomorrow.

Kinnick has had junky lungs all week. I can't wait until she's over all of these infections. I'm not sure what caused it this time. We had a play date on Saturday (all kids were healthy), we went to the park in our neighborhood on Sunday to swing, and other then that, everything was the same as any other day. She does gag sometimes when eating, so it's possible that it is related to aspiration. This one was accompanied by a temperature. So, aspiration is a definite possibility. Just no sure answers.


Laura said...

I pray that is all it was! Carver really rebounds fast, he looks so happy! Oh I can't wait till you guys are working with both ears, I just know he will do great!
Poor Kinnick I pray she gets better soon. I don't think there is ever a clear and definite answer to how our kids get sick. Oh I wish it were easier.

Anonymous said...

glad to hear carver did well and is feeling better. I pray kinnick is felling better soon. Marc has had junky lungs since januray with some pnemonia, rsv, and swine flu thrown in there too. It stinks how preemies are so suseptiple to infections. I wish you all only the best!