Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June 2nd, 2010

Since my last post, Carver's wound behind his right ear (CI) has broken open AGAIN. The infection from the Cochlear Implant is not going away. Carver is being scheduled to have his right Cochlear Implant removed next week. Bio Film infections are nearly impossible to get rid of without getting rid of the foreign object that the infection has adhered itself to. This completely stinks for a lot of different reasons. One, we've wasted nearly 9 months. Two, this will set us back a minimum of an add'l 3 months before he can be re-implanted. Three, Carver has to go through at least 2 more surgeries. The doctor gave us the option of going back in again and cleaning things up - maybe moving the implant to another location. The risk is that the infection will still be there and he'll end up STILL needing to have the implant removed - meaning a total of at least 3 surgeries. Based on the fact that we already cleaned it out once and the infection is still there, I just prefer to take the implant out. This will give his body a chance to get rid of the infection and we can start with a fresh implant and pocket. However, even with the infection hanging out for the past 9 months, Carver continues to be a happy little boy. He doesn't seem to be bothered too much by it.


Kristina said...

Thank goodness he still has his other ear to hear from while he undergoes all this. I'll say some prayers that the new plan will work out and get rid of his infection and lead him to hearing in both ears soon!

stacy said...

that sucks. i'm so sorry that this has continued to happen to the poor little guy. i hope the doctors can figure out the best way to help him and give him a new implant soon.

Sherri said...

I am so sorry this has came down to this. I know how badly you want him to be able to have 2 functional "ears". Hopefully by the time school starts back up he will be set to get it back in and can start practicing using both ears. We are praying for both of them. They sure have a special spot in our hearts!

Anonymous said...

He is such a trooper! I think you are making the right decision. I'm sure it's been so hard for you too!