Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Right Cochlear Implant Removal

Carver had his right Cochlear Implant removed today. What a long day. We had to be there at 8:30am and got home around 5:00pm. The doctor feels like we made the right decision - to remove the implant. When he opened everything up, he could see infection all the way into the mastoid. This was obviously an infection that wasn't going away. He took a number of cultures and is going to try to get us some answers. Some of the cultures can take up to 6 weeks to yield an answer. We won't be able to put the implant back in for at least 3 months. It could likely take longer depending on what it takes to rid of this infection. This has by far been the worst recovery after CI surgery. Carver has been a mess all day. Normally, he's crabby after surgery, but back to himself by the time we get home. Not this time. This time, his throat has been bothering him from the tube they put down his throat to breath for him. His stomach is bothering him from the drugs they gave him. They gave him versed to calm him before surgery. I'm not quite sure why he needed it. He's a pretty happy guy and goes to anyone. Then after surgery, they gave him morphine - "just in case". I wish I was there when they made the decision, because I would have asked to give him something like Tylenol with codeine vs morphine. His bowels are having quite a time waking up and his stomach looks like he is 9 months pregnant. I'm sure his head hurts from all of the tugging to get the implant out and all of the cleaning they did to get rid of the infection. I'm hoping all of the drugs will wear off tonight and that his throat feels better by morning. Poor guy. I hate making him have all of these surgeries. I just want to give him every possible opportunity to hear. Hearing is such a huge benefit when you are blind. I have no way to improve his vision. I can avoid losing any more vision, but I can't get back what he has already lost.

Please pray that the doctors are able to figure out what this infection is and are able to rid of this ugly infection. Please pray for a speedy recovery and a quick return to hearing with his right ear.


Sherri said...

I am SO sorry! I can't believe they did all that to Carver :( We are praying for everything you requested. I can't blame you one bit for doing everything for the chance at hearing with both ears! That is huge. I'll call ya later.

Melanie said...

So sorry to hear this. Could it be staph? I remember Val's son, Gage (Cochlear Kids) had a similar issue.

Sending good wishes your way.