Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Before we left for Michigan, we bought a fun little piano for the car. Carver loves to play with the piano. He works until he gets it backwards because he likes to look at the lights that light up when you hit the keys....

He is such a smart little guy. It's just so hard to unlock the magic "thing" that makes things click for him. He has really come a long way since Kat (with the Deaf/Blind project) came on board to help us. One of her original goals was for him to learn cause and effect. I think he's figured this one out. It seems so small, but teaching a Deaf/Blind child is beyond anything one could ever imagine. Kat truly has a gift, and we are so blessed to be benefiting from that gift.

This past weekend, it was nice out, so I took Kinnick outside to play with her sand-n-water table. Who do you think won this water war?!?!?

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