Thursday, September 16, 2010

Early Mobility Device

Kinnick is very mobile. However, she can only see lights and shadows, so she runs into everything. She does really good in our home except when someone leaves something out of place, then she falls over it. Her O&M therapist (Orientation & Mobility) is teaching Kinnick to use a pre-cane (early mobility device) to help Kinnick get around without running into things, falling off curbs, etc. We started off (quite some time ago) having Kinnick push a "corn popper". She loved the popping noise, but didn't really want to touch it. Now that Kinnick's O&M has started working with the early mobility device, Kinnick has found a real interest in her "corn popper", and wants to push it all over the house.

Kinnick isn't allowed to use the early mobility device in the house. It's intended for unknown places.

Kinnick and her "corn popper".

Kinnick and her new "Early Mobility Device".


Jodi said...

She is so beautiful! Way to go, Kinnick!

Anne, Eliza Grace's mom said...

Good for Kinnick!