Sunday, September 26, 2010

Potty Training Miss Kinnick

We just started (again) trying to potty train Kinnick. I really think she is ready this time. She wakes up dry most mornings, and she taps on her bottom when she has pooped and needs her diaper changed. The main bathroom upstairs is always so cold and it's small. So, for now, we moved her potty chair out next to the changing table. When we get her up in the morning, we take her clothes off and sit her on the potty. The first couple of mornings, there was a small drop of urine in the potty after she got up. However, the last two days, I left her sitting for a little while and she covered the bottom of the potty with urine. Then, she reached her hand into the potty and started playing with the urine. I'm not sure what I expected. She can't see, so she normally wants to touch everything. I quickly told her how proud I was of her, and told her that we shouldn't touch the pee-pee. Then I moved her to the changing table and cleaned her up. Before getting off the changing table, I told her again how proud I was of her. She started signing "more". She wanted to sit on the potty again. Thoughout the day, she grabs a book and sits on her potty. Now, we just need to figure out a schedule for sitting on the potty. Hopefully, we can get her potty trained this time. I do worry about her hypotonia and whether she will have the muscle tone to "hold it" and to "know" when she has to go potty - before it happens. The fact that she wakes up dry is a good sign that she is capable of "holding it".

Kinnick enjoying a book while sitting on her potty.

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Sherri said...

Hey, I have a potty chart from my book that might help! Its pretty easy and I can bring some over for you. OR you can have the book and check it out. Its just a potty training book for special needs children and autism...let me know OR I just thought I might be able to scan a copy and email it to you?