Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Cascade DAFO's for Carver

Carver got his new Cascade DAFO's today. I'm so happy to have these. The AFO's that he had were just crappy, and caused tightness in his ankles. The AFO's had an articulator on them and the design just didn't work with Carver's tone. Carver was able to point his toes and pull his complete foot right out of the AFO. If he didn't get his foot pulled out, then his heal wasn't in the proper position. This just caused the AFO to hold his foot in a bad position. The Cascade DAFO's consistently hold his feet in the proper position. He has NEVER wiggled out of his DAFO's. Now, I'm just waiting for the beating I'm going to get when his orthopedic doctor finds out we got Cascade DAFO's and not AFO's. Oh well, it's worth it. I would rather find a different doctor then put my kid in the crappy AFO's again.

Just perfect! Love them.

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