Saturday, October 18, 2008

Kinnick's getting glasses

Kinnick has had the lenses removed from both of her eyes due to extreme ROP.  She's trying so hard to see things.  So, we're going to replace the missing lenses with glasses.  Her right eye will be at +18 and her left eye will be at +10.  This should make up the difference for the missing lenses.  Both retinas still have fluid under them, so this won't give her 20/20 vision.  The hope is that the fluid will continue to go away allowing the retina to attach.  It will take about 3 weeks to get the glasses made.

We liked this pair, but didn't like the extra clear piece on the bridge.

This is the pair we decided to get.  They will be a size smaller and will be a pale pink color.  They should look similar to the one above with the clear piece on the bridge.  She didn't seem to mind them on her ears.  Hopefully she'll leave them alone and let them do their work.  I'm excited to see what difference they make.

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24weeker's Mama said...

Welcome to baby glasses club, :D
They look similar like Sam's glasses except they are blue. They had regular "pillow nose" and the lady at the optic store changed them to the soft clear/rubber pillows but they don't look like the first pair Kinnick tried on. Kinnick looks cute on glasses.

Speaking about eye, Oct.24th sammy will have his eye pressures checked again, under anesthesia, on Oahu. We leave from here Oct.21 & come back Oct. 25, We decided to take a short vacation too in the mean time.
Hopefully his eye pressures will go down.

I'll keep you updated when we come back.