Saturday, October 18, 2008

Kirsten's First Car Wreck (hopefully the last)

I'm finally getting a moment to post.  Here is a picture of my daughter Kirsten's car after wrecking it October 3rd.  The insurance company totaled the car.  This stinks because the car was paid off and only had 64,000 miles.   Nobody was hurt in the accident - thanks to air bags and seat belts.

Here is Kirsten with her new car.  We couldn't find a good used car for the money we received for Kirsten's car.  So, she got a new Nissan Sentra.  It's nothing fancy, but was more in our price range.  She liked the sporty GT better.  I think she'll be happy with her new car in the long run.


Jodi said...

I had my first car wreck when I was about her age too. So glad that no one was hurt. I hope that she enjoys her new car!

24weeker's Mama said...

sorry about the car wreck.
congrats for the Nissan, it's nice though.