Saturday, October 4, 2008

October 4th, 2008

Kinnick is still sick.  The doctor ordered a CBC and it showed elevated white blood cells (23,000) indicating that she does have some sort of infection.  She gets better for about a day and then runs a temp again.  It's crazy.  She's still on 1 lt of oxygen.  Hopefully things will look better this week.  We could sure use the sleep.  Carver is still a little stuffy, but definitely getting better.  He's been on 1/2 lt oxygen.  

Kinnick is sitting really good.  Carver FINALLY got some leg wraps to help hold his legs straight so that we could get some weight on his legs/hips.  They help so much.  It was killing our backs to hold his limp body while pushing his knees straight, keep his heels on the ground, and with our 4th hand, hold him up straight.  I'm hoping that once we get some weight on his legs, he'll start trying to hold his own weight up.

We finally have a date for Carver's first CI.  He is scheduled for surgery 11/12/08.  He will have to spend one night in the hospital - St. Francis.  They will activate the CI after one month and we'll begin speech therapy.  I can't wait to get it started.  The audiologist said that Carver's ABR had the flattest response of anyone he has ever seen.  They couldn't get a single response at 120 db in either ear.  Hopefully the bad test results are just due to a back cochlea.  

My home health agency is starting to look for new nurses to cover my Sat, Sun, Mon, and Tues shifts.  Hopefully we'll get another good nurse.  I'm so tired of training nurses just to have them leave after a couple of months.  It's hard on the babies and me.  

My daughter had her first car wreck yesterday.  She's been driving 3 years, so it was bound to happen some time.  She was driving across town with 2 of her brothers.  None of them were hurt.  They just got minor scrapes and cuts from the seat belts (all were wearing their seat belts thank God) and air bags.  The wreck was not her fault, but it did total her car.  This stinks because the car was paid for and was supposed to last till she graduated college.  The insurance company never wants to give you enough to replace your car with an equal car.  So, I'll be looking for a new car over the next week.


Anonymous said...

Is Kinnick feeling better now? I think you did the right thing to keep her at home... it's way germier at the hospital!

Holli said...

I've been thinking about picking up a part time job. You guys always did crack me up. I work Tuesday, Friday and all weekend this week. Call me at work and let me know what agency you guys are using. Maybe this could benefit more than just myself!
Take Care,
NICU Nurse Holli

24weeker's Mama said...

I am glad Kirsten & her 2 brothers are allright from the accident.
I hope Kinnick feels better soon.
I'll pray for Carver's CI surgery.