Wednesday, October 29, 2008

October 29th, 2008

It's been a while since I posted.  K&C are both still sick.  Kinnick has been on  a really strong antibiotic.  She started having diarrhea a few days ago.  Today, we stopped the antibiotic and she is being tested for C.diff, rotavirus, and other bacteria.  It's possible that the antibiotic killed all of the good bacteria and left the bad ones.  She's on a daily probiotic, but that didn't seem to make a difference.  We should know more tomorrow when the test results come back.  She seems to be handling the diarrhea.  She's a little fussy before she poops, but other then that, she's fine.  Her lungs sound much better and we're ready to turn the O's down a bit.  Carver still has a snotty nose.  He blows bubbles out around his cannula all day.  We are suctioning him at least 4-5 times a day.  His cold doesn't seem to bother him.  He just hates the suctioning.   On a good note, we were finally approved for synagis shots.  This is the shot that we got last year for RSV.  It doesn't prevent them from getting RSV, but if they end up getting RSV, it should be less severe.  Kinnick ended up getting RSV last year and was only in the hospital 10 days - which isn't too bad according to the doctors.  We'll receive the first shot 11/4/08.  

Carver's rolling has really helped strengthen his neck muscles.  He's holding his head up so much better.  His head still tires easily, but just look how good he's holding it up....

We are preparing for Carver's first Cochlear Implant.  He is scheduled for 11/12/2008.  We cut his hair short so that all of his hair will blend nicely after surgery.  He looks so cute!

We're working on Carver's trunk control.  He's loving his new exercise.  Can you see all of his teeth?  He's smiling so big, you can see all 5 of them!


24weeker's Mama said...

Yaay good job Carver on head control, don't give up, you can do it big guy !
Hope Kinnick & Carver feel better soon.

Oh, here is a lil update about Sam: Sammy's eye & neurologist checks went well, Eye pressures went lower but not in normal numbers yet, so we continue the glaucoma eye drops. From Neuro., dr.said Sam's tones were good but we still have to watch if the legs getting tight/stiff in first 3 years of age because of the prematurity. We have to come back to see them in 4 months from now.

Stacy said...

where's kinnick pictures?! love the teeth cute. sorry the kids are still sick, conner is too. we got a chewy thing from the's not a P or Q but it's similar. I asked her about those...this one is either softer or harder, I can't remember. I don't think Conner will let me near him with it though!! Hope you guys are okay and on the road to recovery. I can't believe how soon the CI surgery is...I am thinking about you guys.
Love ya,