Saturday, April 18, 2009

April 18th, 2009

Well, Kinnick and Carver are still sick.  This cold just doesn't want to go away.

This morning Carver quit breathing - turned purple and the whole 9 yards.  It scared the crap out of us.  Thank God for the monitor.  He alarms a lot when he sleeps, but quickly goes back up in the upper 90's.  This morning, he alarmed and the numbers just kept dropping.  His eyes were wide open, but he just wasn't breathing.  We shook him and patted on his chest to see if he just had some junk stuck (due to the cold).  Once we picked him up, he took a couple of small breaths.  I turned up his oxygen and he finally started breathing normally.   I have no idea what it was all about.  Later in the day during his nap, he desatted in the low 80's and his heart rate dropped into the 40's.   We're keeping a close eye on him.  I'm wondering if he just has a sinus infection.  

I can't wait for summer.  I'm done with these colds.  However, we are very thankful that we have not been to the hospital this winter.


Jennifer said...

How scary! Sheez- thank goodness you have those monitors!

And that picture of Liam is deceiving. He is not coordinated to dig through his basket. The picture just came out good making it look like he was. sniff sniff. Liam doesn't use his arms well at all. For the most part, I think L and C are a LOT a like. Thanks for the info on the seat. Liam is almost out of his bouncy which is shocking considering he is still only 16 lbs!

Trish said...

Ugh. How scary..
I hope they get well soon!

Anonymous said...

What a bummer! That sounds so scary! Let us know how it goes. Hope they get better soon!