Sunday, April 26, 2009

April 26th, 2009

Kinnick is all over the place, now.  She can stand up to just about anything.   We've started holding one of her hands, instead of two when we're walking with her.  We're trying to teach her to use her own balance to walk.  At first, she just got mad and sat down.  Now, she's taking a few "drunkin" steps.  Hopefully, walking with one hand will be simple in another week.

Carver is making progress with his neck control.  He still loses control of his head pretty easily, but he's sitting for at least 5 seconds, now.  This is pretty good since this is the first time that the time has been measurable.  You have to start somewhere.  We're pretty pleased with his 5 seconds.  His CI doesn't come off as much as it did.  He isn't relying on something to support his head 100% if the time.  He's showing more interest in his toys.  My guess is that it's because he can hear things now.  I put him in the exercsaucer today and he seemed to enjoy it.  He rested his head a lot, but managed to swivel around and hit the toys.  They are baby steps, but steps none the less.  Progress at any rate is good.  Oh, and he gives the best hugs.  When you pick him up and put him over your shoulder, you are almost guaranteed a nice squeeze.  It's so cute.


Laura said...

Great job kiddos! I am so happy to hear how good there progressing!

Jennifer said...

Oh how I eagerly await the day Liam wants to play with toys!

And when he can give me a hug! That's such a gift.

And your right, progress IS progress, no matter how small. I had to remind myself of that today because even though Liam has zero head control, he is moving his body so much better than he was two months ago. And that is something to rejoice in!

Trish said...

Ooh! HUGS! that's so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a big girl Kinnick! I'm so glad to hear that progress is being made. You are all doing such a great job! Hope you're doing well!