Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April 1st, 2009 Carver's new stander

Carver finally got his new stander.  I'm so excited.  I was afraid that it would be too big.  He was supposed to be 32in tall to use it.  Well, he is only 30in tall, and it works just fine!  It's so easy to use and very comfortable.  We love it and Carver seems to like it, too.  He spends about 20 minutes in it - twice a day.  It has a nice play tray, so he's entertained while he gets some really good weight on his hips/legs.  I'm hoping he will start standing a little better.  We noticed a change when we used the leg splints, then we noticed more change with the DAFO's.  We're hoping this will do the trick.

Kinnick and Carver got approved for another synagis shot (RSV).  The season was extended, so they ordered another dose.  This meant another weight check.  Kinnick gained 1 lb 2 oz!!  She now weighs 19 lb 6 oz.  Carver gained 1/2 lb.  He now weighs 20 lb 9 oz.  

Carver is getting so many teeth all at once.  This makes him a little crabby.  He's started sticking his tongue out.  I think he's trying to feel his teeth.  It's driving me crazy.  Every time I look at him, his tongue is hanging out.  Crazy guy.  I try to tuck it back in and he just laughs.


Jodi said...

I am amazed at all of the wonderful items out there to help these kiddos that need them. How awesome!! Since they were approved for another Synagis shot, I am assuming that the RSV season has been extended? I never know when to start letting my guard down a bit more. I've been enjoying all of the pictures lately. Hope they had a great 2nd birthday!!

Anonymous said...

What a big boy!! Carver looks like an ornery one ;-)

Anonymous said...

I've never seen anything like that before! That would have been nice to have for Tristan, he didn't bear weight for the longest time.

Tristan just got his last RSV for ever.

Just another thing down!