Sunday, January 13, 2008

January 13th, 2008

Tomorrow is the big day. Kinnick's surgery is scheduled for 9:15am. I am sad that I can not be with her pre-op. Since Carver has been released, I have to stay with him 24/7. He is not allowed in the pre-op area. Carver and I will wait in the waiting room for the doctor to give us the update after surgery. The surgery could take 3 hours. Please pray that the doctor is able to spare her lens and there is no need for the silicone band. If he has less to do, the surgery won't take as long (being on the ventilator so long causes Kinnick additional lung/breathing (mucus) problems). If he is able to spare the lens, this will help her vision. If he is able to avoid the band, this will help reduce some of the risk of the eye not growing properly. Please pray that she doesn't suffer a lot of pain, that her lungs don't suffer, and that she recovers quickly.

I thank God for my beautiful babies. He has been so good to us. He is truly an awesome God.

I'm going to go kiss my little miracle, Carver. He looks so cute!

Here is a picture of Carver in the bath tub the day before the trip to Detroit. He is no longer a 1 lb 7 oz baby!



Yani (Samudra's Mom) said...

We will pray hard for Kinnick's surgery.

Carver is amazed me, he looks so chubby.


Anonymous said...

We are praying! And Carver looks adorable! Isn't it amazing how chubby they can get!

kirsti kay said...

lol dang someones getting chunky! wen did this happen? lol.

Anonymous said...

WOW Wesley's NICU is in the mud slinging now too!