Wednesday, January 16, 2008

January 16th, 2008

Kinnick is doing fabulous today. She has been saturating at 100% on 1/2 lt oxygen nearly all day. She's never done this before. I wouldn't be surprised if she is on a 1/4 lt oxygen tomorrow. While she was on the ironing board (face down), her cannula was above her head (like sunglasses) and she was saturating 100%. This must have gone on for at least 3 hours. Once she was turned over on her back for a diaper changing later, she wasn't able to saturate without the oxygen. Obviously, she has some sort of blockage or narrowing that is opened up while in this position. She still coughs up a lot of mucus, but she looks and sounds better then ever.

Here are some pics of my little fly.... She hates the shields. She works all day taking them off, and is getting really good at it. With everything she's been through, she's still happy.

The hospital has decided to keep Kinnick in the hospital until we are able to fly back to Wichita. Coordinating all of the equipment to my hotel and transporting her and Carver back-n-forth to see the doctor is more of a hazard then just keeping her in the hospital. Carver has so few needs that it is easy to bring him to/from the hotel.
The hospital moved a small crib into Kinnick's private room so that Carver can sleep while we are visiting. When we first arrived at the hospital, Kinnick and Carver shared a larger room that held 2 beds. Once Carver was dismissed, they moved Kinnick to a private room and put this small crib in the room for Carver. The Ped's floor is completely full right now, so we are fortunate that the hospital is letting us stay. We are also fortunate to have a private room. Otherwise, we would be sharing the room with another family.
Here is a picture of Carver's little crib. He's pretty much head to foot in this crib - no extra room. However, it makes a big difference when it comes to nap time and diaper changes.

Carver has also been doing really good with his oxygen. He's been saturating 100% on 1/4 lt. I have no idea what's going on with their oxygen. I just hope things look this good when we get home. Maybe we can get their oxygen needs down once we are home.


Anonymous said...

Hey Shanon,
I am so glad that the kids are doing so well and I'm also so relieved for you that they are going to keep Kinnick in the hospital until you go home. Sorry I haven't been in touch. Conner has been a little under the weather and I can't bring him up to the hospital (germs, you know?!). If David gets home early, I may be able to come for a quick visit. I will let you know.

23wktwins'mommy said...

Satting at 100% on only 1/4 liter is GREAT!
I hope you are all home and doing well soon!

Charli said...

My name is Charli (Charlene) Smith, Aunt Eva was my great aunt and Virginia was my grandmother I am Kennda's daughter. I have been praying for the twins since they were born and I also have friends add them to their prayer list. One of these friends, had her baby in November and he was 16 weeks early, she has always asked about the twins and they have been on her mind alot lately, she asked if you would mind her sending you a message on your page as a mother who is going through the same thing? Please let me know if this is okay and if it is I will give her the information. Please know we continue to pray for your miracle babies, and I honestly believe that the power of prayer is amazing.

abby said...

Great satting, kiddos!

Hallie always breathed better on her belly than on her back and her sats were always higher. I guess one of the only good things about this micropreemie deal is that you get those big old pulse oxometers instead of regular baby monitors so you can keep them on their tummies without risk of SIDS. Not to mention that we never really left her side for the first six months at home!

kenny said...

Shanon,this is kennda,as you know i'm kathy's older sister, I want you to know I pray all the time for the babies and when I go to mass tomorrow, I will light a candle for you and the babies,just remember, god never gives more then we can handel tho it may seem so at times just remember those beautiful babies are in god's hands as you are too and sweetie he won't let anything happen to you or them.

love your cousin kennda

kirsti kay said...

awww kinnick!!! lol. shes so cute!!!