Monday, January 14, 2008

January 14th, 2008

The power of prayer is amazing. Thank you all for your prayers. Through God's grace, Kinnick's lens was spared. She did not even need the silicone sponge or the band. What appeared to be a tear in the retina earlier was actually a couple of unique folds in a "T" shape (kinda bunched up). These folds along with a ring of scar tissue had caused the retina to detach. Dr. Trese was able to dissect (for lack of a better word) the folds and remove the scar tissue. After doing this, the retina appears to be trying to re-attach. He feels confident that the retina will attach itself. Best case for her vision will still be no better then 20/400 vision, but she did not suffer the pain of the long procedure or the pressure associated with the sponge and band. She was off the ventilator in less then 30 minutes, again. In addition, sparing the lens will give her the best sight possible. The reason her vision will be 20/400 (could be worse or could be better - you never know) is because the center of the retina has been detached. Once this happens, my understanding is that most vision will be lost. The brain loses its opportunity to work with the eye. It is still possible that the brain will work with the eye and we'll receive better vision. Kinnick has been a real trooper.

The bad news is that we can't return home tomorrow. They put an air pocket in her eye to hold everything in place. She can not fly until the air pocket has dissolved. This could take up to 1 week. Dr. Trese is going to look at her on Friday. If the air pocket is mostly gone, we will be able to leave Friday evening or Saturday morning. I'm not sure when the hospital will release Kinnick from the hospital to my hotel. It could be as early as Wednesday. Ugh. Not sure how I'm going to handle this one. The single stroller that I'm using will not accommodate. So, my job over the next couple of days will be to figure this one out. The fun never ends.

This is a picture of Kinnick after surgery. She is face down on a small ironing board with a hole cut out for her face. She will have to stay this way for 24 hours to allow the air pocket to set everything in place. After 24 hours, she will be placed in a bouncy seat. She actually likes it - or at least for now.

This is a picture of Dr. Trese...


Anonymous said...

Praise God for the good news. I'm so glad that things are looking a little bit better. Poor Kinnick! She looks so uncomfortable in her little bed! She is a BIG trooper! It never gets easier to see your kids go through such trials! We'll be praying that everything gets arranged with possibly having both babies with you! Thank the Lord for those angels who work at the hospital who have been so helpful!

23wktwins'mommy said...

So gald to hear that everything went well.
You are an amazing mom, and your strength and faith is quite humbling.
I hope you can return home soon, and things will get a little more calm and less stressful with K&C.
Keep us updated!

Jodi said...

Dr. Trese seems like an extraordinary man and I'm always amazed by the power of prayer. My prayers for you will continue and I hope that the three of you can come home soon!

24weeker Samudra Shaffer said...

Thank you God, You are awesome !

Yani, James & Samudra Shaffer