Saturday, January 19, 2008

Wesley's NICU

Someone posted a comment on my site about mud slinging Wesley's NICU. I have never had anything bad to say about Wesley's NICU. I loved my NICU nurses and Neo's. I have nothing bad to say about their NICU. I have NEVER been satisfied with Wesley's Ped's ICU. It's hard to take your child somewhere where the follow things have happened:

1.) My child once got his blood pressure taken by a cuff that had someone Else's blood on it.

2.) The Sat alarms would go off for long periods of time with no response. I stood in the room while my child turned blue and nobody bothered showing up. I was told that she was kicking her feet too much and the monitor wasn't picking up correctly. So, an assumption was being made about the reading without even checking on the child.

3.) My son was losing weight and when I checked to see how much they had fed him for the day (and this was late in the day), he had only been fed 120 cc's total for the whole day. When I asked why, I was told "they didn't have time to feed him".

4.) My daughter was put in a crib that had not been cleaned. I know this because it was the bed my son had been in 3 days earlier. His hospital sticker from another hospital was still stuck to the bed and the throw up that he spit up was still on the rail where it was before his dismissal.

5.) They continue to put my daughter's bouncy seat on the hospital floor, then the put it on her clean linens, then they lay her on the linens without changing them.

6.) When things fall on the floor, they just pick them up and throw them back in the bed or on a shelf to be used later.

7.) They left soiled linens at the foot of my childs bed (in her bed) for the entire day. The next day, I threw the soiled linens under the bed on the shelf. They remained there until I finally asked the nurse to dispose of them.

The unit feels and looks filthy all of the time.


23wktwins'mommy said...

That's disturbing. Have you put this in a letter to the hospital administer? You shouldn't have to face that type of care if your children need the PICU!

24weeker's Mama said...

OMG, that wasn't so nice of them. I am glad that NICU Hawaii has awesome staff & good procedures.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are home. I love the pictures- they are so adorable Shanon. I am in awe of your strength- what an amazing MOTHER you are!

Kelly Shortley

Anonymous said...


So glad everyone is home safely and doing well. Wichita hospital have done a fine job so far, but maybe it's time to visit KC.(I'd really like to see you and the kids- all of them)My house is always open. Talk to you soon.


Anonymous said...

I read the comments about the Wesley Peds ICU. Though you may have had some things occur that you weren't happy about I think its unfair to give all those people who work in the PICU a bad name. Not everyone did all those things I'm sure. And some of those things sound like a housekeeping issue more than a nursing issue. I'm glad to hear the kids are doing great. It sounds like being that they were 23 week twins that they are lucky to be a live at all...its very rare and a huge blessing! That's the focus i would take if it were me. I hope they continue to thrive!

Anonymous said...

I have spent many days and nights at Wesleys Peds ICU. I have NEVER had any of the issues that you have written about. All of the staff I have met have been very friendly and eager to take care of my child. Several nurses have went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure my child had the best care possible. I can tell they ALL care about what they do just by watching their faces and by the way they talk to my child. I thank God for them and the care they have given for my childs recovery. I wish the best for your twins and they will be in my prayers.