Wednesday, January 23, 2008

January 23, 2008

Kinnick had to return to the hospital on Tuesday due to a possible bowel obstruction. This morning she spiked a 103.9 temp. So far, the CT scan, x-rays, and blood work haven't proven that there is an obstruction. They started partial feeds tonight, but had to stop the 10:30pm feed due to some de-sats. The de-sats were in the low 80's which really isn't anything odd for Kinnick and she returned to upper 90's within minutes. I'm not alarmed by the de-sats. She still sounds great and is still on 1/2 lt oxygen. They will restart partial feeds at 1:30am. Hopefully she will get to go home tomorrow.

While my posts may offend some, I only post MY OPINIONS, feelings, and what we are going through. I try to remain as positive as possible at all times and I don't alter the truth. However, it is difficult to be positive 100% of the time when you are faced with any life altering change. My blog is not intended to debate issues with others. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. While I appreciate your suggestions, I still form my own opinions and don't need to be told what my focus should be. I think my focus is pretty clear.


Anonymous said...

Hope Kinnick is home soon! We're still thinking and praying for all of you every day!!

Anonymous said...

amen sister! i hope kinnick is doing better soon. you had a bad experience and i know things like that happen in hospitals. people should mind their own business, as this is YOUR blog to write what you want and about your experience. kinnick and carver (and you) have been through so much and you want the very best for them. that comment earlier about how you should just be happy that they are alive because they are 23 weekers is just stupid.
love ya and sorry we didn't see you when you were here.

24weeker's Mama said...

I pray for Kinnick recovery. Hopefuly she will go home soon.


23wktwins'mommy said...


Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm truly appalled at some of those comments. Notice how none of them were brave enough to leave their names. I think it's horrible that you have to defend yourself and your opinions. Like Stacy said, this is YOUR blog about YOUR experience and no one should make you feel like you have to censor your thoughts and feelings.

My thoughts are with you and your adorable twins. I hope Kinnick's lungs rebound quickly from her hospital visit.

(a friend of Jodi, mother of Olivia and Angel Logan)