Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June 10th, 2009

Kinnick's night wasn't any better, but it also wasn't any worse.  This is positive.  Hopefully we've hit the peak and things can start getting better.  She still isn't eating - just fluids via her G-Tube.  This is one time that us G-Tube moms like having a G-Tube.  This is keeping Kinnick out of the hospital.  Without it, we would be in the hospital for sure.  We're still doing breathing treatments every 2 hours.  She's now on a steroid - this will last another 3 days (5 days total).  We're still having a hard time controlling her temp.  It's still around 99 with motrin and tylenol on board.  She attempted to play a bit today, but quickly wore herself out.  She stood up one time and her legs were so wobbly, I'm not sure how she held herself up.  Yesterday, her sats were mostly low 90's.  Today we were hitting mid 90's and even seen some 98's.  If she can hold 98's, we'll start giving her more formula.  Right now, we're giving 50/50 formula/pedialyte.   I feel terrible because it only amounts to about 300 calories.  She needs 900-1000.  I shouldn't complain, it's better then nothing.  I just feel so bad for her - she just wants to sleep and whimper.   She's also coughing up foamy junk from her lungs.  

I'll update as we know more.  Please continue to pray for improvement.


Anonymous said...

I'm just catching up... what a huge bummer! Poor Kinnick! We'll be praying the worst is over.

Laura said...

Praying that Kinnick is feeling better soon!

Amy said...

im just curious, are you going to learn tactile sign language (its what deafblind use to communicate) to teach carver to sign? its very difficult for deafblind to learn to speak because they dont have vision to see object when you speak what the thing is so it will be while before he will be able to speak so im curious! :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear Carvers' surgery was postponed and Kinnick is sick. I was checking in today to see how the surgery went. I hope Kinnick has turned the corner to feeling better and that Carver stays healthy.
becky and rene'

Shannon said...

:( Poor girl. I hope she gets better soon!! HUGS