Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June 9th, 2009

I had to move Carver's T&A surgery to 7/2/09.  Kinnick started getting sick on Sunday and today she was requiring 1 1/2 lt of O2.  We've been giving breathing treatments every 2 hours and she's still barely maintaining sats in the low 90's.  I took her to the doctor yesterday and they gave her an antibiotic.  It doesn't appear to be working, yet.  We've been giving motrin and tylenol - rotating every 4 hours.  With this, she still maintains a 99 degree temp.  So, we took her back to the doctor today - trying to avoid the hospital.  They gave her a script for a steroid to take for 5 days and a powerful antibiotic shot.  The shot should yield results within 6 hrs.  If it doesn't and things get worse, she will have to be admitted to the hospital for IV antibiotics.  Anytime she gets a cold, it goes straight to her lungs.  We were so close to giving up O2 during the day.  Monday was going to be the big day.  She was only on 1/8 lt Sunday.  I'm so bummed.  We should be out of the cold season.  Not sure where this came from.  Please pray that all of this works and she is not admitted to the hospital.  


Jennifer said...

Shanon, Liam has been really sick too. I took him in Saturday where they did labs and everything looked good. But by this morning he was screaming and inconsolable. If he was a awake he was having a fit. I was at jury duty so my mom took him back in. They did labs again and it showed a viral shift. I am alternating motrin and tylenol too. I had never given him motrin and that really seemed to do the trick. He still doesn't feel good but at least he isn't screaming.
And I thought we were done with virus this season!

Sorry to hear about not getting the o2 off. Don't you just hate it when little things creep up and throw everything off.

I'll pray Kinnick gets to feeling better soon and that Carver doesn't get it!

Anonymous said...

I hate to hear that their has been a set back!!! HOPEFULLY, its nothing major and the 02 can go bye bye soon!

L said...

I'm so sorry to hear Kinnick is so sick at the moment. I hope everything improves soon for you.


Mom2Juliana said...

That's exactly how it's been with Juliana. As soon as you think you will be free from the tubing and tanks something pops up. I will keep your family in my prayers as usual.

Jodi said...

Oh no. . . so sorry to hear everything. I'll be praying that Kinnick gets to feeling better and doesn't have to be admitted to the hospital.