Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June 2nd, 2009

Well, it's a start.  Kinnick is showing interest in her tippy cup.  We put a couple of them in her toy box a long time ago.  They play music and we put a dice in each one, so that they would make noise like a toy.  The last few days, she's been mouthing the sippy lid.  So, today we put some juice in her tippy cup and helped her take a couple of sips.  She did it several times for us.  She even picked the cup up herself and tried to take a drink.  The picture is bad because this is where we keep all of the medical supplies - she seems to love this corner.  There is a window that she sits by and plays with toys in a small toy box.  I think she likes the light from the window.  

Carver continues to have sleep apnea - hopefully this is going to improve after surgery.  He's doing better with his sitting (with help of course).  He's doing a lot more of the work holding his head up.  He's playing with so many of his toys, now.  He's not real coordinated with his play, but seems to get ahold of anything he wants to play with on his tray.  He's even started using his right hand/arm more.

Who's the "All Star"?

This smile just cracks me up!  His tongue is curled up his top lip.

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Laura said...

I love it, I love it, I love it just look at Carvers head control how awesome! And Kinnick such a big girl drinking from her sippy cup way to go mom you have to be proud! I love reading about these kiddos they are always achieving new things!