Saturday, June 13, 2009

Nurse Case Management - Insurance

I probably need to explain my Nurse Case Management - Primary Insurance. This is an actual RN that works for BCBS. She is assigned Kinnick and Carver's cases. She is my first point of contact when I need help getting something done within BCBS. She's also available to answer any medical questions that I might have. Since she has been assigned Kinnick and Carver since shortly after birth, she knows a lot about their medical history. She's a great help when I need something approved as "Medically Necessary". For example, when we travel to MI for eye surgery, my Pediatrician writes a letter of medical necessity for Kinnick and Carver to go via medial transport. She is able to take the letter and go straight to the BCBS doctors to get the approval. She's been a great help to us. Losing her doesn't mean that I will lose any insurance or my other Case Management like my Medicaid Case Manager and my MRDD Case Management. It's just a huge inconvenience to lose her. Kinnick and Carver's Insurance isn't simple with everything they have going on. It's nice to have that inside help. I know... I'm probably being a big baby about it. It's these little things that help a lot.

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Anonymous said...

You aren't being a baby about your case nurse. That is a HUGE help and I'm sure something that is still needed. I hope they come to their senses and let you keep her eventually!
Glad Kinnick is feeling a bit better!
PS-- Just curious, are Kinnick and Carver going to do the water therapy again this summer? I always liked hearing about that.