Monday, June 15, 2009

June 15th, 2009

Kinnick finally had a really good night. She slept all night and her sats were in the upper 90's. When I woke up, she was playing in her crib and satting 100%. We dropped her O2 to 1 lt. She still has the diarrhea. The Mylanta is helping a ton - doesn't make the diarrhea go away, but it helps the stomach pain. She's still a little needy, but well on her way to recovery. She's drinking her milk from her honey bear and even eating some bananas.

Today, we tested Carver's hearing (with his CI) in the "Sound Booth". This is the first time we tested in the "Sound Booth". It's difficult to test him because he can't tell you what he is hearing. We just went off his behavior changes. He would bounce around and giggle. Once he heard the sound, he stopped to listen. This was a very consistent response. The audiologist said that he was testing nicely at 50db. He's starting to make lots of new sounds - raspberries is one of his favorites. But, he also has uh, ah, oh, ew, da. He also has lots of nice cooing noises. He used to just yell. You can tell that he enjoys new sounds. He still has a couple of music toys that he really enjoys - a dog that plays games and talks and a duck that plays instruments.


Heather @ boy, girl, and a pug said...

Yay for good nights! I have been thinking about her. Give her a big ole hug and kiss for me. (Ok, ok give Carver one too:)

Michele said...

Glad to hear that she slept all night. Sounds like she is getting better. I am so happy for Carver! It's a whole new world for him!He'll be saying words soon for you!!! I love this update!!!!

Anonymous said...

What good news about both kids! And I'm so proud of Carver! What awesome progress!