Friday, June 5, 2009

June 5th, 2009

Kinnick is getting to be such a big girl.  She's standing for at least 20 seconds with no support.  She stands forever and cruises around furniture.  She can pull up to just about anything now.  The only thing holding her back from walking is the fear of the unknown - not being able to see in front of her.

Kinnick has been wanting to do her own breathing treatments.  It's so cute.  Glad someone wants to do it - it's getting really old.

And, here's my big boy....cheesing away.... he's such a happy boy.


melissa said...

Hello!! I just wanted to say how amazing K & C are looking and doing!! You've done a great job!! They are gorgeous!!

melissa said...

I am an ex 28 weeker and I have a cochlear implant! How's Carver doing with his implant so far?

Anonymous said...

They are absolutely beautiful and they look so wonderfully happy! What a testament to how well their family is doing raising them!

Hilary said...

They are getting so big :) Love the pictures!!