Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June 23rd, 2009

Kinnick is doing about the same. We're going to try to move her to 1/2 lt O2 tomorrow. Her lungs are still crappy in the morning, but overall she's doing much better. She's sleeping a lot better - other then she likes her "Big bed" better, now (AKA Mom and Dad's bed).

The contact is staying in pretty good. It's still the same old pain to put them in and take them out.

I checked in on my nurse that was out having breast surgery. She's doing good. The surgery itself went very well. However, the chemo is giving her a hard time. She's been sick since last Thursday - the day she received the first dose. She has to have 4 big doses over 8 weeks. Then she'll do another drug once a week for 12 weeks. The 12 week drug isn't supposed to be a big deal, but takes 90 minutes to administer. It's amazing how quickly breast cancer can grow. When she first noticed it, it was only 9mm. When she went in for surgery a few weeks later, it had grown to 1 1/2 cm. Isn't that crazy! She's a very lucky girl. They were able to remove all of the cancer. The treatments are a preventative to help keep her from getting it again. We miss her and can't wait until she is back. Get well soon, Jane!

Carver used to do a lot of gagging for whatever reason. It really interfered with his eating. He did this all day long. We assumed that it was reflux. Once we removed his baclofen (spasticity med) and added Neurontin (new spasticity med), suddenly the gagging is completely gone. I'm not sure if the baclofen was relaxing him too much in certain areas? It wasn't helping his trunk, neck, legs, or arms. So, it must have only been relaxing internal parts? Who knows? Whatever has changed, we are very happy to have the change. He's eating like a champ and even drinking most of his milk, now.


Jennifer said...

Wow- Thats great news for Carver! I figured all of Liam's gagging was from the reflux too, but now that we have the reflux under control,we have figured out that part of it is that he doesn't know how to move his tongue right to get the food down. And I'm so glad you were able to avoid the hospital this time around. I can't believe how long this virus stuck around! I'm glad your nurse is doing well.

Laura said...

That is really interesting, Jonathan has been vomit free but the last month we increased his baclofen and all of a sudden he has been vomiting again and bouncing in weight. I am defenitly going to say something to his PM&R doc and maybe try something else because I too believe baclofen is having little effect on him but he is only on 3ml 2xs a day does that seem like a little dose or about right he is 20lbs now. How do you feel the new med is working with his trunk muscles? Your a great mom glad kinnick is starting to feel better hopefully all goes well when you decrease her O2. Glad Carver is eating better that is great news!