Saturday, October 10, 2009

October 10th, 2009

Did I mention how much I love Carver's new chair?

This morning, I was able to put him in his chair while Kinnick had breakfast. He was able to look at some visual stimuli. What a great chair. He just sits up so good in it.

He really seems to be trying to look at the pictures.

Kinnick loves Carver's new toys. She knows that Carver's bells are normally on his tray. So, she scoots over and pulls herself up to the stander tray and then presses the button.

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Jennifer said...

They look so cute! We used to use those pictures for Liam too. He loved them. Carver looks like he loves sitting there looking at them. I wish Liam could sit as well as Carver. Liam flings himself forward so we aren't ready for something like that. Maybe soon!