Monday, October 26, 2009

October 26th, 2009 CI Activation - Right Ear

Carver got his Right Ear (CI) activated today. It was GREAT! We had a much better response with this ear then we did the other. It was VERY obvious that he could hear when they turned him on. It will be some time before the brain understands what the new CI is hearing. However, we are told that it won't take as long as the first ear. This makes me even more excited to see what's to come for Carver's hearing.

Kinnick appears to have yet another UTI. The UTI's are coming way too frequently. I'm starting to think that she has some Kidney problems. We started giving her Cranberry Juice. I'm hoping that by adding this to her diet that maybe we can get the UTI's under control. In the meantime, she'll have to see the doctor tomorrow and I'm sure we'll start doing some testing. We really need to get to the bottom of what's causing the infections.


Kristina said...

Yeah! I'm so glad activation went well!

Jamie said...

That's exciting about Carver!

Has Kinnick been tested for kidney reflux? Lindy had a UTI in the NICU and then it was discovered she has kidney reflux. She is on a daily antibiotic to prevent her from getting anymore. We're told she will hopefully grow out of it but it could be years. She has a VCUG every year to keep on it.