Thursday, October 8, 2009

October 8th, 2009

Carver got his new "Childrite" seat today. It's like a larger version of the "Bumbo" seat. I'm surprised how well he is able to sit in it. It doesn't prevent his back from curving, so I don't think it's ideal for long periods of time. We have a "Rifton" chair and "TriStander" for proper sitting/standing. This is just nice for floor time, so he can participate in circle time or fun floor activities with everyone else. It's also nice for therapy (hearing/vision). The company at is offering a $50.00 discount right now on these chairs. They normally cost $200.00, but you can get them for $150.00 right now. Carver is about 32 1/2 in tall and weights 22 lbs - just for an idea of his size.

He looks so big in his new chair.

Carver got his bandages taken off yesterday. Everything seems to be healing like it should. He does have some subdural hematoma and some swelling, but that should all be gone within a couple more weeks. We're trying to schedule his activation day the 3rd week of November.

Kinnick is feeling better and eating better. She still sounds like she has a rattle, but then again, when doesn't she? Her stomach is still gassy and big.


Anonymous said...

What a cool chair! Carver looks so happy! Glad to hear he's healing pretty well!

Bridie said...

Carver looks like he is enjoying his chair! I hope Kinnick is feeling better soon.

The Hull Munchkins said...

Don't you just love this seat?!! I wish we had gotten ours 2 yrs ago!

sorry the kids have been sick. They sure are growing!

Kristina said...

Carver looks like such a big boy in his Childrite seat! I'm so excited to see how well he fits in the chair as we are waiting for ours to be delivered (Emma got one as a 2nd birthday present) and I was wondering how well she will fit in the seat. Now I just can't wait for our seat to be delivered.

I hope you get your activation scheduled before Thanksgiving - what a great holiday it will be when he has two ears up and running! Glad Kinnick is feeling better.

Kate said...

He looks great! We ordered one a couple of weeks ago and are waiting for it to show up. Like Carver, Dorrie has a stander and a more complex chair, but sometimes I just want something I can pop her in and out of in a few seconds. I'm even more excited for it to get here after seeing Carver in his!