Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October 13th, 2009

So, we have a date that the Project Director (Kat) of the National Consortium on Deaf-Blindness is going to meet with Carver's team of therapists to discuss a communication/language plan for Carver. We are all going to meet November 19th.

Purpose of Meeting:

1. To collect critical information from assessments to determine how vision, current hearing, fine and gross motor and current cognitive development impact communication, auditory perception, prelinguistic communication, receptive and expressive communication (What of his skills might be used to facilitate communication/language; what needs might need adaptation and accommodations.) with a child who has a significant vision loss and CIs. (Team members will bring summaries of most current assessments to discuss potential impact on communication).

2. To plan as an interdisciplinary team to develop a Communication Map to determine what supports might be needed to aid auditory perceptual development.

3. To review "Evidence-Based" practices in Cochlear Implants and Routine-Based Intervention (a best practice in early childhood) and assist the family to use techniques to embed multiple skills across routines.

4. To share critical information so that all members of the team and Kathy can all use similar intervention techniques for Carver.

Kat has worked with over 100 kids like Carver. I'm excited to get everyone together to learn from Kat. Hopefully, we'll walk away with a great plan for Carver. I've been really stressed over his progress and have felt like we don't really have a plan.


Laura said...

Carver looks great in the new chair! I really think I should buy this for Jonathan, Carver is bigger than J and from the pictures his head control looks way advaced to J but I only could think this chair could improve the head control let alone his posture! Your kiddos are very lucky to have you guys as parents!!

Kristina said...

That is really exciting! It will be so good to have all the therapists work together towards Carver's goals with a seasoned leader.