Friday, October 9, 2009

October 9th, 2009

Carver's right ear cochlear implant activation has been scheduled for October 26th. He still has a lump above his ear. The doctor says that it is a bruised muscle or a swollen muscle. He didn't have anything like this the last time. It seems to be taking a little longer for this lump to heal and go away. Most of the subdural hematoma is gone. The incision is quickly healing and his hair is already growing back. I'm so glad to have these last 3 surgeries behind us (T&A removal, lens removal due to cataract, and his second CI).

We still have a few things scheduled for this month - swallow studies for both K&C, Kinnick's PH probe study with the lung swab and fundo check, and Carver's sleep study.

We did get some good news on Carver's speach therapy as it relates to his CI's. I signed Carver up for a study that is funded via a Grant through Western Oregon University. I signed him up for the study shortly after he got his first CI. They are studying the benefits/results that a blind/deaf child gets from a CI. They send someone out to evaluate him as he progresses. Each time they come out, they provide tons of feedback (free therapy) to get the most out of his CI's. Not only do they give me free feedback, they pay me for my feedback. The last visit paid $200.00. Anyway, the Project Director is going to come to our home to work with all of Carver's therapists (VI, OT, PT, SLP, Early Childhood Development Teacher). Together, they are going to do a comprehensive evaluation based on Carver's strengths and weaknesses to come up with a therapy plan that will help us get the most out of Carver's CI's. This will include things that can be built into our daily routines that will teach Carver to listen and show us that he is processes what he hears. Carver isn't like many kids that get CI's. Most kids can use their vision to learn, or their hands. Carver is blind, so vision doesn't help. He has CP that effects his fine and gross motor skills, so it's difficult for him to do much more then a 3-6 month old with his hands. It's been a challenge to say the least. The Project Director has worked with kids like Carver for a very long time, so she's familiar with things that work with Carver's limitations. We're hoping to meet around the 20th of November. I'm already excited about getting the final plans.

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Wow! That is so cool that they will come and work with you! I'm excited for you!