Sunday, September 23, 2007

April 13th, 2007

It continues to be a day by day, and hour by hour battle, with a number of ups and downs along the way for both Carver and Kinnick.

They have switched Carver to a different ventilator (high frequency oscillator), and he seems to be doing better.

Kinnick's breathing has been up and down some, but overall has improved since my last update.

Kinnick's brain scan last Wednesday showed that both her grade 1 and grade 2 hemmorhages are starting to get smaller (which is a positive sign.)

Unfortunately Carver had a brain scan last Wednesday and he has now developed a grade 3 hemmorhage. (There are four grades, with 4 being the most severe.) They did another brain scan on Friday, and the hemmorhage hadn't gotten any bigger, which is good.

Carver has also had some damage to his liver, kidneys, and intestines, since his body has been focusing most of its efforts on keeping his more vital organs, like his heart and lungs, working. They don't think this damage is long term and have already seen signs of this improving.

Both of the babies have been retaining too much fluid, and have had problems with swelling. Carver has been struggling with this more than Kinnick.

Once they're able to perform EEG's and/or MRI's on the babies, they will have a better idea what, if any, long term problems the twins might have. This won't occur until the twins get bigger, as the medical equipment is not small enough to get an accurate reading on babies this small.

Carver had a PDA Ligation on April 11th, 2007.

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