Sunday, September 23, 2007

April 16th, 2007

Kinnick had another brain scan today. One of her hemmorhages is completely gone and the other one is almost completely gone. This is a big surprise to the doctors, but obviously a very pleasant surprise!

Kinnick's feedings have also been going well. They've been taking it very slowly.

They ended up not starting Carver on feedings over the weekend, as was originally planned.

Carver is getting another brain scan today, which we are concerned about since the results of the last one wasn't very good.

Carver's lung is not collapsed anymore.

Just before we left the hospital, Carver's ventilator quit working for some reason. This led to some anxious moments. They were able to get it under control, but anything that stresses/traumatizes the babies is not good.

We are convinced people's prayers are helping and we are very appreciative of the prayers!

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