Sunday, September 23, 2007

April 5th, 2007

We received the results of the brain scans, which were looking for hemorrhages in the brain. Carver did not have any hemmorhaging! He will have another scan when he is 28 days old. Kinnick has two hemmorhages. One is a grade 1 (basically a bruise) that will likely go away in a couple of weeks. The other is a grade 2, which is a little more concerning. It also might go away, or it might get bigger. She will have another scan on Wednesday April 11th.
Carver is currently needing the ventilator to breathe for him 75 - 100% of the time, so they are working to improve that. Kinnick is only needing the ventilator to breathe for her 30 - 35% of the time, which is what they want it to be at this point in time.
They both have lost some weight since their birth (which is normal, but of course they didn't have much weight to start with.) At one point, Carver was down to 1 lb. 4 oz. and Kinnick was down to 1 lb. 1/2 oz. Since then, they have both gained about 3 oz. back, and both are almost back to their birth weights.
Kinnick has "graduated" to an isolette, which is a more secure incubator, which provides her more protection from germs, noise etc. Carver has not moved to an isolette yet since he is not as stable, as he couldn't be reached quite as quickly in the isolette, if that need were to arise.
We are able to touch the babies when they're stable and are allowed to help change their diapers if we are available or in the room when this occurs. The twins have made it past the 1 week hurdle.

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