Monday, September 24, 2007

August 31, 2007

I want to thank everyone who contributed to the donations that were sent to me last week, to help offset some of the expenses I'm incurring here, as well as the nice notes that were sent in the cards. This was very thoughtful, and very much appreciated. I had been told that something was being sent to me, so I had envisioned a care package full of junk food. I was initially a little disappointed when the package arrived and it wasn't a box, but instead a big envelope, that obviously didn't contain any junk food! :-) Seriously, it means a lot to me to know that so many people are helping me get through this. I also want to thank everyone for their prayers.

Both babies are doing pretty well, and they're basically just waiting until the eye surgeons are ready to release them back to Wichita. (The same surgeon didn't perform all 4 of the surgeries.)

One of the eye surgeons came by last Tuesday. The blood in Carver's eye that had surgery first seems to be going away. There didn't seem to be any blood in Carver's second eye, and the surgeon was really pleased with that.

Kinnick didn't have any blood left in the eye that she had surgery on first. The eye surgeon didn't offer much information about Kinnick's second eye, but I thought the doctor looked frustrated. The doctor's frustration was likely due to the fact that the air pocket had already dissolved. They don't want the air pocket to go away so quickly, since it helps hold everything in place. However, with the type of surgery Kinnick had to have on her second eye, they don't have much room for the air pocket. Therefore, it often doesn't last as long as it does with the type of surgery that was performed on the other 3 eyes.

Kinnick hasn't had any more apnea spells. She was taken off CPAP and put on nasal canula last Monday the 27th. She's been doing well on nasal canula. Since she is off CPAP, they've started trying to bottle feed her some again.

Carver has been doing well with his bottle feeding.

I was finally able to get a physical therapist and occupational therapist here to come see the twins. They have only done their assessment, and haven't started working with them yet. The therapist did provide some written information that I think will be helpful. It has some general guidelines as to what the babies should be doing at various ages, things to do to encourage them to develop their various motor skills, recommended toys to help them develop, how to tell if they start regressing on certain motor skills etc.

The other eye surgeon that performed Kinnick's second surgery (Dr. Micheal Trese) will see Carver and Kinnick again this Tuesday, September 4th. I'm really hoping that he will tell us that they can go back to Wichita, and then hopefully arrangements can be made to fly us back on Wednesday. It will only be a week and a half since Kinnick's second surgery by then, and the surgeon had mentioned that he would want Kinnick there for 2 weeks after her last surgery, but hopefully he will decide that they can go ahead and come home. The belief is that they'll be flown back to Wesley, and then the next steps will be determined.

As far as their eyes, the eye doctor in Wichita will check their eyes every week, for at least the next 5 weeks.

It looks like the hospital in Michigan is going to want Kinnick to come back for a check up in a couple of months. Kinnick will need to be admitted at least overnight. She might have to stay another week if they determine that another surgery is necessary, but of course we'll hope that won't become necessary.

So, hopefully this chapter in Michigan is almost over. As of Tuesday September 4th, we will have been in Michigan for 3 weeks now! It will be so nice to be back for a number of reasons. It will especially be great to get to see my other kids and for them to get to see me.

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