Wednesday, September 26, 2007

September 26th, 2007

Today is my oldest daughter, Kirsten's 18th birthday. I feel terrible not being home to celebrate with her. My son, Hayden celebrated his 2nd birthday September, 21st without me. I'm sure we will not be home in time for my son, Harrison's 10th birthday on October 2nd. However, I'm sure we will have a big party when we return home. There are so many sacrifices that we have to make. I always hope we're making the right ones.

Carver had his 4th eye surgery today. The surgery took 3 hours. They removed the vitreous gel from his left eye and replaced it with silicone oil (about 90% silicone oil and 10% saline). They also put in a buckle, using a sponge, on the back of his eye to push the back of the eye against the retina. The two of these combined are supposed to force the retina to lay flat so it can heal in place. Carver appeared to be in a lot of pain after the surgery and was still in quite a bit of pain when I left the hospital tonight at 11:00pm. They started giving him morphine every 6 hours along with tylenol every 6 hours. This way he gets something every 3 hours for pain. I felt so sorry for him. It was a completely different cry then normal. They have been able to place him face down on a little board that looks much like a small ironing board with a hole cut out for his face. It's important that he lay face down. This helps bring any blood to the front of the eye. The blood can later cause add'l scar tissue that will impact vision. It also allows the oil to do it's job of pressing against the retina. The oil seperates from the saline causing somewhat of a bubble similar to the air pocket they input in the normal vitrectomy procedure. The difference is that the air pocket lasts about a week before it's replaced with new vitreous gel, while the saline lasts much longer. This will help keep the retina in place while it heels.

Kinnick must have been having sympathy pains for brother. She had a bad day, too. Her oxygen needs were up and she refused her bottle all day. They had to do all her feeds via the NG tube. They also cancelled her PT and OTP therapy until she is feeling better. They have been trying to wean her Hydrocortizone and thought maybe they weaned too fast. So, they increased the dose to twice a day and gave her some lasics. She was doing good this evening when I left the hospital.

Carver is not gaining as much weight as they would like. After we get over this surgery, they will talk about ways to increase volume or calories.

Please pray that Carver will recover quickly and not have to suffer.

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Stacy said...

I haven't seen you in a few days (or maybe it's just been a day..they are blending together!). I hope Carver is doing better today. I have been thinking about both of them and hope things are okay. We may go to a movie or something this weekend if you want to do something in our great city! I'll look for you tomorrow.