Sunday, September 30, 2007

September 30th, 2007

Carver - Not a lot new going on with Carver. He spent most of the day on room air at 1/2 lt flow. His left eye seemed to bother him a bit today. The eye was watering quite a bit. I'm sure there was some pressure building up in the eye causing the drainage. The nurse gave him some tylenol and he was able to rest. The eye doctor will see him again on Tuesday.

Kinnick - She's still on about 30 - 40% oxygen at 2 lt flow. The increase flow doesn't seem to make a difference with her breathing. Dr. Baton thinks she has Stridor. He believes that sometime after the PDA ligation was done, scar tissue formed. The scar tissue is pressing on the vocal cord causing some paralysis. She will need to be scoped to determine if this is truly what has happened. If this is the case, it should resolve within 24 months. In the mean time, she will have difficulty breathing and feeding. She will also have a very weak cry. She doesn't make much sound - mostly just heavy breathing. It sounds like she is really working to breath. The eye doctor will also see Kinnick on Tuesday.

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Joo said...

I'm praying that Kinnic's breathing gets better. I always feel how much you love your precious little ones. I would do the same! Please keep up knowing that many people pray for you and your babies.